ISC is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization committed to developing the next generation of communication and media leaders required to create green jobs, foster environmental restoration and improve quality of life in the communities they touch.
Sustainable Advertising Partnership

Advertising Media Supply Chain Transformation

Demonstrate your company’s leadership in addressing climate change and sustainability! Foster the widespread growth of sustainable business practices and transform the ways in which energy, materials and other resources are used throughout the advertising/ publishing lifecycle.

What is the Sustainable Advertising Partnership?

The Sustainable Advertising Partnership is a voluntary advertising industry working group supported by Ad-ID and responsible brand leaders who see value in identifying, quantifying, offsetting and ultimately reducing the climate change and sustainability impacts of their advertising media production, distribution and supply chain practices.

What is the mission of the Sustainable Advertising Partnership?

The Sustainable Advertising Partnership mission is to advocate and communicate a constructive vision for the transformation of print and digital media advertising supply chains.  The Partnership supports the development and widespread use of innovative supply chain practices that address sustainability promoting economic growth, environmental restoration and social equity.

How will the Sustainable Advertising Partnership achieve its mission?

The Sustainable Advertising Partnership will fulfill its mission through outreach, research, supply chain collaboration, cross-industry dialogue, stakeholder engagement, education, lifecycle analysis, benchmarking, training, design for sustainability and market-based initiatives.

What is the vision of Sustainable Advertising Partnership?

To develop standards-based frameworks for the quantification and reporting of advertising product lifecycle impacts and develop sources of funding to foster the widespread proliferation of advertising supply chain practices that:

  • are ethical, inclusive, beneficial, safe & healthy for the individuals and communities they touch;
  • are designed to optimize and reduce use of materials, energy and water;
  • eliminate at the source or credibly offset their lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions;
  • maximize use of renewable or recycled source materials;
  • advocate and support diversity, inclusion and transparency;
  • produce and distribute ads using clean production technologies and socially responsible business practices;
  • strive for the total elimination of product and non-product waste;
  • employ sources of energy and materials that are healthy in all probable end-of-life scenarios;
  • effectively source, use and recover materials in closed-loop life cycles using renewable energy and clean production technologies;
  • meet market criteria for performance, cost and value;
  • meet the needs of the present generation without crossing irreversible thresholds that limit the ability of future generations to do the same.

Who can join the Sustainable Advertising Partnership?

Membership is open to any for-profit company, nonprofit organization or government agency that complies with the following:

  • demonstrates a substantial interest in the advertising industry and is directly involved in the purchasing, creation, publication, printing, broadcasting, distribution or recovery of paid media;
  • completes a membership application, including a statement of interest;
  • acknowledges the principles embodied in the vision, mission and principles of the Sustainable Advertising Partnership and agrees in writing to act in conformance with and publicly support them;
  • is approved for membership by ISC, with advice from the Executive Committee, based upon the foregoing compliance requirements.

The Sustainable Advertising Partnership recognizes that nonprofit business leagues and associations are representatives of advertising, publishing, printing and supplier interests; and that they represent important resources to industry and to consumers. Sustainable Advertising Partnership invites these organizations to attend open meetings and encourages opportunities for open exchanges.

Please contact Oya Demirli, Executive Director of ISC for a more detailed membership prospectus.