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Join a group of marketing and media thought leaders at a free breakfast panel discussion on December 9th presented by the NYU Graduate Program in Graphic Communications Management and Technology and the Institute for Sustainable Communication's HOPENHAGEN ECO360 Scholarship Initiative, with generous support from Domtar and Hewlett-Packard.

  • You may think digital media is greener than print media, but do you know the true footprint of your pages and pixels?
  • You may know what "Greenwash" is, but do you know what "Grey-Wash" or "Tree-Wash" are?
  • You may know where Copenhagen is, but do you know what the COP15 Summit is and what it could mean to advertising, marketing, publishing, media and communication professionals?

This event will address these topics as well as the steps that marketers and their supply chain partners can take to reduce the carbon footprint and environmental impacts of direct mail, email and other communication media.

Some of the key questions to be addressed include:

  • How are leading consumer brands addressing climate change.
  • How and when are the actions being taken in Copenhagen likely to impact the choices brands make about print and digital media?
  • How are print service providers and their supply chain partners responding to climate change and demands for transparency?
  • What habits of mind, knowledge and experience should marketing and graphic communication professionals be developing?

From December 7th through December 18th, the UN Climate Change Summit (COP15) will be taking place in Copenhagen where over 100 world leaders and representatives from 192 countries will meet to shape a new global climate treaty to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and agree on measures to curb deforestation and degradation of the world's forests.

These topics are particularly relevant to marketers and graphic communication professionals in that papermaking, printing, and mail distribution, as well as the IT infrastructure required for email and digital media distribution, employ hundreds of billions of kilowatt hours of energy per year. They also emit billions of pounds of greenhouse gases, and they are dependent on a sustainable supply of tree fiber and other resources. As a result, the impacts that marketing and media decisions have on the world's carbon footprint, forests and natural resources cannot be ignored.


Shari Aaron
CEO FreshMarketing
Co-author of the book: "Climb the Green Ladder"
TJ Young
Print Production Director
Edelman US Creative
Cheryl Kahanec
Executive Vice President
eSA Solutions for Sandy Alexander
David Podmayersky
Director of Sustainability

Print and Digital Media


  • Wednesday, December 9, 2009
  • 8:15 AM - 11:30 AM Breakfast, Meeting, and Panel Discussion
  • NYU-SCPS Midtown Center - 11 West 42nd Street, Rm. 1027


  • Networking: 8:30- 9:00
  • - Coffee, Tea, Bagels & Fruit
    - Introductions & Context: 9:00 - 9:50

    Prior to the panel discussion, Don Carli, ISC Senior Research Fellow, will provide an overview of the issues being negotiated by world leaders at the COP15 Summit with reports from World Wildlife Fund video crews on the ground in Copenhagen, and reports from the OneClimate COP15 event in Second Life.

    Lewis Fix, Vice-President, Brand Management and Sustainable Product Development of Domtar and Scott Canonico, Manager, Environmental Strategy, Imaging and Printing Group of HP will present brief overviews of key trends and issues related to climate change and sustainability in the fields of forestry, papermaking, printing and IT.

  • Networking Break: 9:50 - 10:00
  • Panel Discussion with Q&A: 10:00-11:15

Moderator: Don Carli

ISC Senior Research Fellow
Director, Sustainable Advertising Partnership
Twitter: @dcarli